Upgrading Ansible Playbooks to the newest Ansible version can be quite a challenge, as a lot can change between versions (best practices alter, parameters and modules are moved or renamed, attributes are deprecated). And if you’re upgrading from older versions when Ansible Collections weren’t even a thing, you’re in for some heavy lifting if you approach this process manually.

In this webinar, we take you through the process of upgrading your playbooks from Ansible 2.4 to Ansible 2.14 step by step and we show you how Steampunk Spotter can help you fix five years of dependency changes in no time.

Spotter identifies all the issues you need to resolve when performing your upgrade from the old to the new Ansible version, fixes many of them for you automatically, and helps you save a lot of time by creating a requirements file or pointing you to the module documentation. With Spotter, the upgrade process takes minutes instead of hours, and you can be sure that you haven’t missed anything that could lead to problems ranging from small errors to serious security risks.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to upgrade your Ansible Playbooks and roles quickly, effortlessly, and effectively.
  • How to use Steampunk Spotter for simplifying Ansible upgrades.
  • How to use Ansible Lint and Steampunk Spotter together to achieve maximum results.
  • How Steampunk Spotter can help you save time by automatically applying fixes, creating requirements files etc.