Automation is becoming the preferred method for adopting new technologies among users. High-quality Ansible Collections help eliminate barriers to adoption and improve the reliability of onboarding new technology. In this webinar, get ready to learn how to get from the “my collection exists” level to the “my collection really speeds up the adoption of automation” level. Find out the value a high-quality Ansible Collection brings to Ansible users and how it leads to successful automation of your products.

During the webinar, we will showcase the best practices XLAB Steampunk devised when designing, building, and supporting certified and community Ansible Collections. We will wrap up with reproducible steps for building high-quality Ansible content.

By the end of this FREE workshop, you’ll understand the value of building high-quality Ansible Collections and how they benefit your products and most importantly, your users.

During the workshop, we’ll share:

  • How to improve the adoption of your product.
  • What a high-quality Ansible Collection looks like.
  • What benefits high-quality integration has for your users.
  • Best practices and real-life examples of high-quality Collections.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have:

  • A firm understanding of the value high-quality Ansible Collections bring.
  • Reproducible steps for building such Ansible content.
  • Presentation slides for later use.