There’s no such thing as perfect code. However, for Ansible integrations to run smoothly, it’s crucial that Ansible Collections are tested systematically to prevent bugs from entering the codebase. With a sturdy test suite in place, you’ll be confident that the tested code produces the desired results and that any future modifications will not break the backward compatibility.

By the end of this FREE workshop, you’ll understand the value and benefits of testing, its setup, and different types of tests accompanied with real-life examples.

During the workshop, we’ll share:

  • Why Ansible Collections testing is important and what benefits it brings.
  • What a typical testing setup looks like.
  • Why and how to use Sanity, Unit, and Integration tests.
  • Real-life examples.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have:

  • A firm understanding of the value of these tests.
  • Knowledge on how to implement different tests.
  • Presentation slides for later use.