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Included in PRO plan:


All checks included

Unlimited no. of scans

SaaS or Managed service

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Spotter app

CI/CD and VSC integrations


Check management

Standard support


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Included in ENTERPRISE plan:


All checks included

Unlimited no. of scans

On-prem or Managed service

Custom no. of users

Spotter app

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform integration

CI/CD and VSC integrations


Custom policies

Check management

SSO identity provider integration

SSO custom mapping

Additional enterprise features and services (consulting)

Private Collection scanning

Premium support


Steampunk Spotter is an enterprise-ready platform built for businesses seeking efficient and secure automation. However, as part of our commitment to the Ansible user and open-source communities, we strongly encourage individual users to integrate Spotter into their own projects. To facilitate this, we offer a FREE plan for personal usage and open-source projects, allowing you to conduct up to 5 scans per month.

Our FREE plan is suitable for single users who do not need to scan a large number of playbooks and do not need additional features such as analytics, reporting, CI/CD and VSC integrations. If you are working on open-source projects that require more, please reach out to us, and we will find a way to meet your needs.

Our PRO plan is designed for professional teams who need to work collaboratively on their automation goals. It is offered as a SaaS or managed service and guarantees the highest level of privacy and security. It also offers GitHub, GitLab, and VS Code integrations, as well as full access to the Steampunk Spotter app, which allows you to collaborate and track the results of your scans. This plan includes standard support, which means our experts are available during our business hours (9am-5pm CET) via email, phone, or chat.

Our ENTERPRISE plan is our top-tier offering specifically designed to help enterprises optimize, accelerate and scale automation while increasing security and trustworthiness. It includes multiple enterprise-only features, consulting, and premium support available 24/7 via phone, chat, and web.

Whether you are looking for added security layers, complete control over your data, or a readily available service devoid of additional costs, we have you covered. Spotter offers several options to deliver a simple, streamlined, secure and cost-effective deployment experience:

Easy to manage and secure. You can start using Spotter at once; the service is readily available. For those seeking a speedy and reliable deployment option, this one will be the best for you.

Spotter can be installed in a Private Cloud of your preferred choice, entirely under your control. The data stays with you, and we take care of managing and updating the service. If you are looking for absolute ease of deployment, look no further, because this option will suit you best.

If you wish or need to have complete control over your data, a self-contained, highly secure deployment of Spotter is ready to be installed on your private infrastructure. Updates and management are all done of your own accord.

Interested in pricing? Choose a plan that fits your needs here.

The Steampunk Spotter app is a platform where you can track the results of all your scans, collaborate with your team, and scan public Git repositories.

Track progress
Whether you scan your Ansible content via the Spotter CLI tool, the Spotter app, or integrations (GitHub Actions, GitLab, Visual Studio Code), you can track the results of all your scans in the Spotter app. The app provides an intuitive dashboard where you can track the history of your scans, the frequency of failed playbook executions, the most common errors, and your progress over time.

The Spotter app also allows you to collaborate with your team by inviting users to become part of your organization and create a shared workspace where you can all track progress on common projects and work together across projects. And vice versa, others can invite you to become part of their organization, so you can be part of as many organizations as your heart desires. Don't worry, we also offer the option to decline invitations if things get out of hand ;)

Scan public Git repositories
The Spotter app offers another advantage: you can use it to check the quality of public Git repositories by simply creating a new project and importing your code from the Git repository by pasting the URL into the form.

Learn more about the Spotter app here.

When you get close to reaching the limit of 5 scans per month, you will receive a reminder email. When the limit is reached, you will have to wait until the next month for the limit to be reset or upgrade your subscription allowing you to adjust your plan according to your needs.

When your trial period ends, we will send you a reminder email. If you do not choose to upgrade, you will be automatically switched to our Free plan. You can continue to use Spotter as CLI tool and conduct up to 5 scans per month, but you will no longer have access to the full Spotter app and integrations. You can upgrade your plan at any time in the Spotter app by clicking the Upgrade plan button.

If you decide not to continue with the chosen plan, but to continue using the Free plan, the data you collected during the free trial period will be preserved. This means that if you upgrade to the PRO or Enterprise plan, you will be able to view the history and analysis of all scans performed during the trial period in the Spotter app.

Depending on your plan, you can use Steampunk Spotter with GitHub Actions, GitLab, and Visual Studio Code, which means you can check the quality of playbooks directly in the CI/CD system of your choice. We are working on adding more integrations in the future, so stay tuned for the next releases.

The level of support we offer depends on the plan you choose.

Our FREE plan does not include support.

The PRO plan includes standard support, i.e. you can reach our experts are available to help you during our business hours, and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

Our ENTERPRISE plan offers premium support, which means that our experts are available to you 24/7 via email, phone or chat, and you will hear from us within 1 hour.

Standard support: Our experts are available during business hours via email, phone or chat. Response time: Within 1 business day.

Premium support: Our experts are available 24/7 outside business hours via email, phone or chat. Response time: within 1 hour.

*Our business hours are from 9am to 5pm Central European Time (CET).

Of course, our experts will be happy to show you what is possible with Steampunk Spotter. Reach out to schedule a meeting.

You can upgrade or manage your subscription in the Spotter app by clicking the Upgrade plan button. If you would like to upgrade to the ENTERPRISE plan, contact us to receive a customized quote that meets your specific needs.

We offer a variety of convenient payment methods, including all major credit and debit cards, Paypal, and the option to pay by invoice.

If you decide on invoice payment, you will receive the invoice via email in two business days after you sign up for your preferred plan and provide the required information. Once we receive your payment, we’ll promptly send you an email confirmation, allowing you to start using Spotter with your selected plan.