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all checks included

1 user

1 project

up to 50 scans/month

up to 100 tasks per scan/month



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full access to Spotter app

all checks included

up to 3 users

up to 5 projects

up to 200 scans/month

up to 400 tasks per scan/month

GitHub Actions integration

GitLab integration

standard support




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full access to Spotter app

all checks included

custom no. of users

custom no. of projects

custom no. of scans

unlimited number of tasks per scan

GitHub Actions integration

GitLab integration

premium support



Our BASIC plan is a free plan for individual use. It’s suitable for tech-savvy users, who do not need to scan a large number of playbooks, since the number of tasks is limited, and do not need additional features, such as reporting and analytics. All the checks are included, but no CI/CD integrations or support is available. You can scan one project, execute 50 scans per month and the number of tasks is limited to 100 per scan per month.

Our PRO plan is suitable for teams and users who need to scan a lot of playbooks. It can be used by 3 users per subscription, who can scan up to 5 projects, and execute 200 scans and 400 tasks per scan per month. PRO plan also offers GitHub Actions and GitLab integrations, full access to the Steampunk Spotter app, and standard support from 9am-5pm Central European Time (CET). The Steampunk Spotter app allows you to scan public Git repositories and provides an intuitive dashboard with advanced reporting features to track your scan history and progress over time.

Our ENTERPRISE plan is highly customizable to meet your specific needs. Organizations can create their own plan with as many users, projects, scans and tasks as they need. We also offer premium support, which means our experts are available to help you outside of our regular business hours.

Each Ansible project counts as a project in Spotter to enable better organization and progress tracking over time. Every scan action, invoked from CLI or from the app, counts as one scan. Every task of the Ansible Playbook being scanned counts as one task.

An organization serves as a workspace for your team to collaborate on your shared projects.

When you get close to reaching the limit, you will get a reminder from us. When the limit is reached, you must wait until the next month for the limit to be reset or contact us for an upgraded subscription, allowing you to adjust your plan according to your needs.

To keep up with the progress on shared projects and enable collaboration across projects, you can add more people from your team anytime by purchasing additional subscriptions.
NOTE: Additional subscriptions are also free during the beta.

To get a quote that best suits your needs, simply contact us to schedule a call, where we'll discuss your specific requirements. It is useful if you specify the following:

- estimated number of users, projects, monthly scans, and tasks per scan,
- whether you need premium support,
- if you wish to have the solution on prem.

But don’t worry if you do not have all the answers, our experts will help you determine them during the call.

Yes, if you use our PRO or ENTERPRISE plan, you can use Spotter in many ways - you can scan local playbooks via CLI, scan public Git repositories via the Spotter app, or use it directly via GitHub Actions and GitLab integrations.

Currently, you can use Steampunk Spotter with GitHub and GitLab, meaning you can check the quality of playbooks directly in the CI/CD system of your choice, but we are working on adding additional integrations in the near future, for example Visual Studio Code.

When using our PRO plan, we provide standard support. That means our experts are available to help you every business day from 9am-5pm Central European Time (CET). If you contact us outside of these hours, they will get back to you as soon as possible. We are working on offering 24/7 support down the road.

When using our ENTERPRISE plan, we offer premium support, which means our experts can help you outside business hours.

Of course, our experts will be happy to show you what is possible with Steampunk Spotter. Reach out to schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting.

If you wish to switch between BASIC and PRO plan, you can do so in the Spotter app. If you wish to upgrade to the ENTERPRISE plan, contact us to schedule a call, where we will determine the customized plan that meets your user, project, scan, and task requirements.