Manage Teams and Collaborate

With Spotter, it’s a breeze to collaborate with others, cultivate a shared workspace and bring diverse types of users and teams in the automation chain closer together. If you understand how and when the automation is run, you can focus more on delivering the results you want to achieve. See DEMO or read blog .

Invite New Members

To add users to your organization, simply send an invitation. Go to members tab, click on Invite new member, and provide user’s email.

In the Organization view, you can see pending organization invitations and active organization memberships.

When users accept your invitation, they can see your data and contribute to your organization. You can always remove members or change their roles.

Users can toggle between organizations quickly.

Keep up With User Activity

If you head over to the Reports tab, you’ll find detailed analytics on users and projects. You can see how many users are active, check the number of projects your team members are working on and how many scans have they performed, and most importantly, the main issues they are dealing with.