Assisted Playbook Writing

Spotter Assisted Writing feature speeds up your playbook writing even more. All you need to do is define your automation goals and Spotter will suggest suitable tasks and even whole playbooks when possible. Keep in mind, this feature is available only in Spotter VSC extension (jump to Spotter Integrations to learn more about the VSC extension). Watch DEMO or read blog .

Get Inline Suggestions

By enabling the feature’s settings, you can access a wealth of time-saving suggestions that enhance playbook writing. Spotter allows you to set the number of suggestions displayed, giving you complete control over the assistance level. You simply type in:

# spotter: your query . Copied!


Add Tasks

Spotter’s Assisted Playbook Writing doesn’t stop at simplifying the initial playbook creation. You can also effortlessly add tasks to existing playbooks. You trigger Spotter’s suggestions box by writing the sentence that describes the task:

– name: Generate a self-signed OpenSSL certificate. Copied!


Streamline Workflow Creation

Spotter’s Assisted Playbook Writing takes the automation process to a whole new level by enabling you to create comprehensive workflows effortlessly.

It is simple to create a playbook with multiple tasks using Spotter:

streamline workflow creation