Analytics and Reporting

No matter where you perform your scans, you can see the scan history and analytics in the Spotter app, enabling you to track the frequency of failed playbook executions, identify common errors, spot trends, and monitor progress. You do not have to spend hours searching for the source of the problem. Addressing playbook pain points and finding potential solutions has never been faster, easier, and most importantly – more transparent. Watch DEMO or read blog .

You don’t have to do anything, scans are automatically imported in the app and automatically stored in the first project of your first organization. But if that’s not where you want them to be stored, you can always choose where the results of a specific scan are stored.


The Dashboard provides a quick overview of key information, allowing you to see the ways your team is using Spotter, the most common challenges they’re conquering and track performance in real time. It allows you to keep up with the number of scans executed in a specific organization, number of errors and executed checks, and overview of the most common errors.


To get detailed analytics, head over to the Reports tab.


Only organization admins can see Reports, so if you don’t have the Reports tab on the left, that means you’re in an organization you’re not an admin of.


If you’re an organization’s admin, you can access the full Reports to get a complete overview of your scans and your users.

Reporting feature provides deep insights into specific aspects of your automation, allowing you to plan actions accordingly. Analyse most common errors and identify its causes to determine mitigation strategies, gain visibility into active and inactive users, and implement strategies for unified and optimized automation.


Here’s where you can see an overview of the main data regarding your users, projects and scan activity to get quick insights.


Scan Results

To see more detailed analytics of your scans, head over to Scan results tab, where you’ll find your overall and daily scan statuses.

scan result reports

Check Results

Here’s where you’ll find detailed information on all errors, warnings and hints that Spotter has found in your playbooks. You’ll also see which issues Spotter automatically fixed for you, so you can have a better idea of just how much manual work and time it saved you.


When examining the issues, simply click on the numeric code that takes you into the check catalogue and see your error, hint, or warning in more detail, with helpful good and bad examples of playbooks. Harness these insights to streamline your automation processes, ensuring precision and reliability every step of the way.



The Inputs tab is a fantastic resource for optimizing automation. It allows you to easily view the modules and collections you’re using, along with their respective versions. This way, you can quickly identify if you’re using different versions of the same collection or module, helping you streamline the standardization of versions.