Spotter is packed with features that make it easy to manage playbooks at scale and enhance quality, maintainability and security of your automation.


Indepth Playbook Scanning

Check your playbook quality in seconds. Identify hard-to-catch and time-consuming errors, reduce risks, and prevent misconfigurations to ensure reliability and security. Spotter ensures playbook adherence to best practices, security, and compliance through a combination of pre-built and customizable checks.

Indepth playbook scanning

Ansible content scan

Check quality of your Ansible content, such as tasks, playbooks, roles, and collections.

Public Git scan

Ensure that the resources you're using are dependable, secure and well-maintained.

Scan profiles

Adjust results according to your specific objectives, such as secure execution, playbook refinement or Ansible upgrades.

Automatic rewrites

Rewrite your Ansible content with suggested changes in a flash.

Links to module documentation

Suggestions are equipped with direct links to module documentation of a specific version.

Missing requirements files

Requirements.yml with all the collections you need for the installation is generated automatically.

Check catalogue

Master playbook writing with interactive check catalogue with good & bad examples, outcomes, and commands.

Scan environment

Access real-time scan details, including Ansible and Python versions, installed collections, and Ansible configuration overrides.

Spotter check types

spotter checks best practice

Best practice checks

Structure your playbooks for readability, collaboration and ease of use.

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Validation checks

Verify that modules, parameters, and parameter values within playbooks are correct and accurate.

spotter checks upgrade

Upgrade checks

Check if playbooks are compatible and supported with the latest versions of Ansible and Ansible Collections.

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Security checks

Check for security misconfiguration within playbooks and assure compliance with security best practices.

spotter checks security

Custom checks

Customize rules and policies to meet specific organizational, industry and security requirements.

Spotter check types

Enterprise Features

Additional features available to our Enterprise customers.

Enterprise features

AAP integration

Ensure error-free and secure playbooks before execution in Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and fix issues during runtime.

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Custom rules

Add your own rules and policies to ensure all playbooks meet your specific needs, requirements and use cases.

Single sign-on

Manage thousands of users from a central directory with custom LDAP user and organization mapping.

On-prem instance

Experience all enterprise features with full on-prem, air-gapped server installation.

Premium support

Our experts are available 24/7 via email, phone or chat. Response time: within 1 hour.


Access Crucial Automation Data

Analyze scan data, spot trends, monitor progress, create custom reports, and gain comprehensive insight into the overall state of your automation.

Access cructial automation data


Track scan activity, most critical errors, performance, and manage playbooks effectively through a centralized platform.


Organize scans and see detailed play or task reconstruction to better understand the context and meaning behind scan results and improve performance.


Generate reports on your playbook performance, compliance, and security, highlighting potential areas for improvement.

Users and projects

Check user activity and number of active projects - no. of executed scans, number of found errors across projects etc.

Scan results

Check overall status of your playbooks and daily scan statuses.

Check results

List of errors, warnings, hints and used rewrites, see just how much time it saved you.


Easily check all the versions of collections and modules you're using. Update your playbook to the latest version to optimize and unify your playbooks and further increase your efficiency.


Collaborate and Manage Teams

Bring your automation team together in a shared workspace and visualize how changes impact playbook validity, quality, and security.

Collaborate and manage teams


Add and manage members within your organization, fostering collaborative work on automation projects.


Create organizations to manage scan results for different teams or projects.

Shared workspace

Share best practices, reduce debugging time, automate more and deliver faster.

User activity

Track user activity and understand challenges they are dealing with.


Assisted Playbook Writing

Create comprehensive workflows effortlessly. Simply outline your automation goals, and let Spotter recommend tasks and complete playbooks for you.

Assisted playbook writing

Inline suggestions

Access a wealth of time-saving suggestions to enhance playbook writing. Spotter’s suggestions will appear as soon as you start writing, allowing you to select the most suitable option.

Task addition

Add tasks to existing playbooks, choose the most relevant suggestion that aligns with your requirements.

Assisted playbook writing


Manage Checks

Achieve compliance and ensure your playbooks are secure without sacrificing functionality or performance. With Spotter, you're always in control.

Manage checks

Skip checks

Increase efficiency by focusing on critical security issues and skipping pre-approved, low-risk ones.

Enforce checks

Guarantee security by preventing unapproved modules from entering your playbooks, catching high-risk issues before they cause problems.

Manage checks


Spotter Works Where You Work

Spotter seamlessly integrates with your work environment. Include it into your CI/CD pipelines or use it with your favorite code editor - and even discover additional functionalities. No matter where you do your best work, Spotter is right by your side.


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