Optimize Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Workflows

Ensure error-free and secure Ansible Playbooks before execution in Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and actively address any unexpected errors during runtime for robust and reliable automation processes.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Reduce errors

Improve efficiency

Enhance security

Improve efficiency

Streamline workflows

Why integrate Steampunk Spotter with AAP?

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform focuses on running your automation efficiently and Steampunk Spotter validates your Ansible content before and during execution in AAP. This ensures thorough testing throughout the Ansible workflow, saving you time by preventing risky deployments and achieving compliant, secure execution.


Streamline Automation:
Automated Playbook Validation

Check playbooks for errors before execution to reduce failures. Seamlessly integrate playbook validation into your automation pipeline within the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to save time. Our easy-to-create custom execution environments ensure that all job templates undergo the required validation before running in AAP. Get started quickly with clear instructions and expert support.

Runtime checks


Go Beyond Error-Free: Go Secure

Actively monitor playbook execution with dynamic real-time validation. Gain insights into values and halt risky deployments based on pre-defined checks and policies. Pinpoint the exact source of the issue for faster troubleshooting and easily share the problematic code with your team for efficient resolution.

Execution environments

Ready to streamline your Ansible workflow?

Integrate Steampunk Spotter with Ansible Automation Platform to unlock a new level of efficiency, reliability, and security in your automation.

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