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Ansible Playbook Platform that scans, analyzes, enhances, and provides insights for your playbooks.

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Reduce risks and speed up automation

Optimize your automation with improved playbooks that guarantee reliable execution. Create and maintain Ansible Playbooks with ease while ensuring they are always up-to-date and secure.

  • identify hard-to-catch and time-consuming errors
  • improve quality, reliability and security of playbooks
  • reduce development and test time
  • follow automation best practices

Easily upgrade to the latest Ansible version

Check if your playbooks are compatible with a specific Ansible version, identify issues you need to resolve, get advice on how to ease migrations, and upgrade playbooks in minutes instead of hours.

latest-version latest-version

Check all Ansible versions from 2.0 to 2.16

upgrades migrations versions

️Prevent downtime and simplify migrations across different versions.

upgrades name changes redirects

Identify name changes and redirects in collections, modules and parameters and default value changes.

upgrades deprecated modules parameters

Detect deprecated modules and their parameters.

upgrades qualified collection names

Check for fully qualified collection names.

  • Prevent downtime and simplify migrations across different versions.
  • Identify name changes and redirects in collections, modules and parameters and default value changes.
  • Detect deprecated modules and their parameters.
  • Check for fully qualified collection names.
spotter secure playbook execution

Achieve secure playbook execution

Add an extra layer of security. Understand what will happen when you run the playbooks and follow security best practices to minimize security risks, downtime, and costs.

spotter secure playbook execution
  • prevent misconfigurations, security vulnerabilities or policy violations
  • proactively evaluate runtime security threats and prevent security breaches
  • ensure compliance with security standards
  • include custom policies to ensure automation meets your specific security requirements

Define your custom rules and policies

Add your own rules and policies to ensure all playbooks meet your specific needs, requirements and use cases.

Define your custom rules and policies
  • ensure you follow organizational or industry-specific regulations, standards, or compliance requirements
  • further specify playbook standards, allowed modules and collections
  • define specific naming conventions and limit required values on specific modules and entities
Define your custom rules and policies

Spotter check types

spotter checks best practice

Best practice checks

Structure your playbooks for readability, collaboration and ease of use.

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Validation checks

Verify that modules, parameters, and parameter values within playbooks are correct and accurate.

spotter checks upgrade

Upgrade checks

Check if playbooks are compatible and supported with the latest versions of Ansible and Ansible Collections.

spotter checks security

Custom checks

Customize rules and policies to meet specific organizational, industry and security requirements.

coming soon

Security checks

Check for security misconfiguration within playbooks and assure compliance with security best practices.

Spotter check types

Save time with convenience features

Fix issues automatically

Fix issues automatically

Rewrite your Ansible content with suggested changes in a flash.

Fix issues automatically
Get instant help

Get instant help with module documentation

Get instant help

Suggestions are equipped with direct links to module documentation of a specific version.

Generate missing requirements files

Generate missing required files

Requirements.yml with all the collections you need for the installation is generated automatically.

Generate missing required files

Gain insights for your scans

Analyze scan data, spot trends, monitor progress, and create custom reports with the intuitive reporting feature. Focus on delivering results and make data-driven decisions.

Spotter works where you work

scan playbooks command line

Scan playbooks from command line

Simply install the steampunk-spotter CLI tool as a Python package.

scan git repo

Scan Git repositories from web

Use Spotter app to check the quality of public Git repositories.

scan playbooks github actions

Scan from CI/CD

Integrate Spotter with GitHub Actions and GitLab to scan content within CI/CD workflows.

scan visual studio code

Scan from your favorite code editor

Analyze and get recommendations for your playbooks directly in Visual Studio Code.

  • Scan playbooks from CLI
  • Scan Git repositories from web
  • Scan in GitHub Actions
  • Scan in GitLab
  • Scan in Visual Studio Code

spotter-windows-compatible Windows compatible

Spotter is fully compatible with Windows operating systems, allowing seamless integration with other Windows applications to help you streamline your workflow. 

Who is it for?


As a Playbook Developer, you come across different challenges. Documentation is lacking, there's no clear guidance on what's approved, and it's hard to keep up with what's new and best practices.

Use Spotter to:
verify playbook templates or examples, check Ansible core and Collection versions compatibility, understand the implications of Ansible upgrades.

Quality Assurance

As a Quality Assurance Manager, you often wonder what the playbook will really do, especially when there's no documentation available. Will there be a rollback? Will it break something in production?

Use Spotter to:
understand what will happen when you run the playbook, run QA automations without errors, understand best practices and what-if scenarios for your tests.


As an Operations Manager, you want to anticipate potential issues, but how to do that if you don't know what will happen in case of errors in the playbooks? Or what will happen to them when a new Ansible version pops up?

Use Spotter to:
identify potential vulnerabilities, receive quality reports and recommendations for improvements, achieve reliable execution of automation.


As IT's infrastructure continues to evolve and become more complex, it's nearly impossible for security specialists to keep it secure at all times without the help of reliable tools.

Use Spotter to:
prevent misconfigurations and security breaches, ensure corporate standards of compliance, achieve secure execution of automation.

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Trusted and recommended by Red Hat.

Why we made Spotter

Gregor Berginc XLAB CEO

’’Having written countless playbooks and collections, we have unique experience in both sides of the Ansible story and we are very familiar with the challenges Ansible users face. We have incorporated this extensive know-how in the Steampunk Spotter to support you on your automation journey and help you automate with confidence.’’

Gregor Berginc, CEO & Head of XLAB Steampunk, XLAB