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Who is it for?


As a Playbook Developer, you come across different challenges. Documentation is lacking, there's no clear guidance on what's approved, and it's hard to keep up with what's new and best practices.

Use Spotter to:
verify playbook templates or examples, check Ansible core and Collection versions compatibility, understand the implications of Ansible upgrades.

Quality Assurance

As a Quality Assurance Manager, you often wonder what the playbook will really do, especially when there's no documentation available. Will there be a rollback? Will it break something in production?

Use Spotter to:
understand what will happen when you run the playbook, run QA automations without errors, understand best practices and what-if scenarios for your tests.


As an Operations Manager, you want to anticipate potential issues, but how to do that if you don't know what will happen in case of errors in the playbooks? Or what will happen to them when a new Ansible version pops up?

Use Spotter to:
identify potential vulnerabilities, receive quality reports and recommendations for improvements, achieve reliable execution of automation.


As IT's infrastructure continues to evolve and become more complex, it's nearly impossible for security specialists to keep it secure at all times without the help of reliable tools.

Use Spotter to:
prevent misconfigurations and security breaches, ensure corporate standards of compliance, achieve secure execution of automation.

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Why we made Spotter

Gregor Berginc XLAB CEO

’’Having written countless playbooks and collections, we have unique experience in both sides of the Ansible story and we are very familiar with the challenges Ansible users face. We have incorporated this extensive know-how in the Steampunk Spotter to support you on your automation journey and help you automate with confidence.’’

Gregor Berginc, CEO & Head of XLAB Steampunk, XLAB