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Say hello to Steampunk Spotter: Assisted Automation Writing Tool

August 30, 2022 - Words by  Jasna Simončič - 1 min read

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There hasn’t been much buzz around our Ansible Playbook Quality Scanner lately. But with a good reason. Our team has been putting blood, sweat, and tears (of joy 😉) into shaping the Scanner into what it was meant to be all along - the ultimate helper for your automation.

With a bunch of new checks and features added, Scanner actually grew so much, it outgrew its name. It evolved into Steampunk Spotter, indispensable tool that analyzes and enhances your Ansible Playbooks to help you reduce risks and speed up your automation.

Steampunk Spotter scans the quality of your content, provides recommendations on how to improve your playbooks and helps you understand what will happen when you run them. It helps you simplify and accelerate your automation with improved playbooks that guarantee reliable execution.

Beyond simple syntax checks

Development, Quality Assurance and Operations teams will find Steampunk Spotter as an invaluable tool for assisted playbook writing, simplified Ansible upgrades, and achieving reliable, secure, and trustworthy automation. It helps you:

  • Enhance Playbook Writing
  • Reduce risks and speed up automation
  • Easily upgrade to the latest Ansible version
  • Optimize your automation
  • Achieve Secure Playbook Execution

And what sets our Spotter apart from other tools is the fact that it goes beyond simple syntax checks and understands the context of Ansible Playbooks and Collections, so it knows what you want to achieve with your playbook and helps you get there faster and safer.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this tool that will help you optimize your automation. Start Spotting!