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Join us for AnsibleFest and Contributor Summit 2022

September 30, 2022 - Words by  Lucija Korbar - 4 min read

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Are you ready for one of the biggest IT automation events of the year? In less than a month, Ansible enthusiasts from around the world will gather for AnsibleFest. This year’s event will feature a wide range of live sessions, labs, demos, and also on-demand sessions, so everyone is sure to find something interesting, catch up on the latest news, and expand their Ansible knowledge.

And there’s no better way to warm up before the big event than to attend the Ansible Contributor Summit, which takes place the day before AnsibleFest. It is a great opportunity to get involved in the Ansible community, find out how it works, and get a glimpse of future plans.

We couldn’t be more excited to finally meet in person after two years. As we are a proud sponsor of the event, you will be able to meet our team at the booth, so don’t miss the chance to stop by and say hi (there will also be a cool giveaway going on which is an additional reason to be there 😉).

And since we are always happy to share our expertise and knowledge, we have a few sessions scheduled for both AnsibleFest and Contributor Summit. Read on to see what we have prepared for this year.

Simplify your playbook writing

We will start with our first session on Monday (2022-10-17, 3.30 PM CDT) at the Contributor Summit. If you listened to our AnsibleFest talks last year, you have probably heard of Steampunk Scanner. But a lot has changed in a year and now we can proudly present a highly improved successor, Steampunk Spotter, the ultimate helper for trustable automation.

Spotter provides an assisted automation writing tool that analyzes and offers recommendations for your Ansible Playbooks. It helps you understand what happens when you run the playbooks and identify potential issues before they are executed to help you reduce risks and speed up your automation.

Join this session (live or virtually) to learn how Spotter can help you understand the implications of Ansible upgrades and tells you how to deal with them, identify module name changes and redirects, check for fully qualified names, ensure you are using certified modules, and automatically apply fixes to your Ansible Playbooks.

Keep your Ansible up to date

Ansible is constantly being improved, which makes the upgrade process an important topic for Ansible users. On the second day of AnsibleFest (2022-10-19), you can stop by our Step by step analysis of an Ansible upgrade workshop where we will walk you through the process of upgrading an Ansible environment from Ansible Core 2.9 to Ansible Core 2.14.

You will learn how to easily upgrade your playbooks to make them compatible with the latest Ansible version and we’ll show you different tools you can use to simplify the playbook writing process.

Boost ServiceNow automation

If you want to learn more about how to take your IT service workflows to the next level with the ServiceNow ITSM Ansible Collection, which we designed and developed together with Red Hat, you shouldn’t miss these two sessions:

On the first day of AnsibleFest (2022-10-18) you can participate in a live hands-on lab called Getting started with ServiceNow automation, organized by Red Hat, where you can try out Ansible Certified Collection for ServiceNow ITSM. We will be there to help if you get stuck and answer your questions.

Or learn more about reaching new heights of IT operations automation with ServiceNow collection at the Integrating automation into your ServiceNow ITSM on-demand session we prepared in collaboration with Colin McNaughton, Principal Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat and Adam Tate, Senior Infrastructure Design Engineer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. In this session, you will learn what the Certified ServiceNow Ansible Collection is, see the demo, and explore use cases.

See Scale Computing Ansible Collection in action

Managing edge computing resources can be challenging. Orchestrating omnipresent services on top of edge even more. In collaboration with Dave Demlow, Vice President of Product Strategy at Scale Computing, we prepared an on-demand session called Orchestrate your edge computing fleet and application with breeze, where you will learn how we helped Scale Computing to empower Ansible to seamlessly scale to 50.000 and more edge clusters with our Scale Computing Ansible Collection and see the demo.

Have a question about Ansible?

Then the Ask the Expert section in the sponsor area is the place to be. Together with Red Hat experts, we will tackle different technical questions about Ansible. It’s not every day that you get the chance to talk to the people behind the code, so you should take advantage of this invaluable opportunity.

Sounds interesting?

Great, we look forward to seeing you! If you are not registered yet, there is still time, just visit AnsibleFest and Contributor Summit pages. In the meantime, try out Steampunk Spotter to see how it helps you with playbook writing, and then visit us at the AnsibleFest booth to share your thoughts and chat. Your feedback will be rewarded 😉