Certified ServiceNow Ansible Collection

Take your IT service management to the next level.

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Use the ServiceNow Ansible Collection to:

Automate ticket

and software management using the same playbook language.

Build a self-service catalog

of standard changes and apply them automatically.

Keep configuration management

database in sync with the deployments with no additional effort.

ServiceNow Ansible collection scheme

To keep ServiceNow information up to date and automatically update your workflows without manual action, our ServiceNow Ansible Collection enables:

bullet gear icon Updating incidents, problems, and change requests

bullet gear icon Updating the ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB)

bullet gear icon Using the CMDB as an inventory source

bullet gear icon Managing records in ServiceNow

bullet gear icon Searching for multiple records from ServiceNow

bullet gear icon Improving service value chains

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Independent Software Vendors

Our experts can design, develop, certify and support an Ansible Collection for your product and maintain it for you.

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Our experts help you integrate ServiceNow with your existing automation processes and extend the integration to meet your needs.

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