Enterprise AWS Ansible Collection

Automate your AWS Cloud with confidence.

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Use AWS Ansible Collection to:

Document deployments

in a human-readable way.

Manage Amazon resources,

such as EC2 instances and S3 buckets.


your own secure VPC.

Ensure configuration

compliance of your resources.

AWS Ansible collection scheme

The AWS Ansible Collection provides Ansible modules for interacting with the AWS cloud services and management of AWS resources, in a simple, consistent and an intuitive manner:

bullet gear icon modules for managing EC2 instances

bullet gear icon modules for managing S3 buckets

bullet gear icon modules for enforcing compliance

bullet gear icon dynamic EC2 inventory plugin enterprise only

bullet gear icon installer packages for RHEL/Centos enterprise only

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Creating your virtual private clouds and filling them with steaming-hot
virtual machines has never been this easy and robust.

public private hybrid cloud automation

Readable and intuitive parameters

of our modules help end-users follow best practices when writing Ansible playbooks.

public private hybrid cloud automation

Enterprise support

for our collection means you always have a helping hand one message or call away.

Make a step further

Independent Software Vendors

Our experts can design, develop, certify and support an Ansible Collection for your product and maintain it for you.

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Ansible users

Our experts help you integrate AWS with your existing automation processes and extend the integration to meet your needs.

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