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Enter our series of weekly competitions and take on exciting challenges, solve complex automation problems, and demonstrate your playbook writing expertise.

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5 exciting challenges

The Steampunk Ansible Challenge presents five individual challenges, open to all Ansible enthusiasts out there.

Every week, an email will pop into your inbox, packed with all the details for you to jump into the competition. Although the new challenge will replace the previous one, you can still tackle the challenges after they officially end and compete for the grand prize.

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Precision and speed

To become the Grand Winner, you must flawlessly balance precision and speed. Conquer all five challenges and produce the highest-quality playbooks you can within record time.

But no need to sweat if mastering all five feels a bit too much – each individual challenge will celebrate its best three achievers, carving their names on top of our leaderboard.

Win Meta Oculus!

If you keep on demonstrating your outstanding playbook writing skills across all five challenges, you will be crowned the grand winner and receive a special prize: Meta Oculus!

The top three competitors of each individual challenge will receive a bag of Steampunk goodies. If you win multiple individual challenges, you will only get the award once. Note that participation in the individual challenge after its official end excludes you from the race for the individual award.




16:00 CEST

1st Challenge



16:00 CEST

2nd Challenge



16:00 CEST

3rd Challenge



16:00 CET

4th Challenge



16:00 CET

5th Challenge



16:00 CET

The end of Steampunk Ansible Challenge

Crowning of the big winner

1st Challenge:

Oct 12 16:00 CEST

2nd Challenge:

Oct 19 16:00 CEST

3rd Challenge:

Oct 26 16:00 CEST

4th Challenge:

Nov 9 16:00 CEST

5th Challenge:

Nov 16 16:00 CEST

The end of Steampunk Ansible Challenge and crowning of the big winner:

Nov 23 16:00 CEST

Support and Community

To get answers, tips & tricks and chat with our experts and fellow challengers, join our Discord or Reddit Community.

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