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Endorsed Red Hat partner since 2016

xlab steampunk red hat advanced business partner
xlab steampunk ansible certified partner

Ansible Certified Partner

xlab steampunk ansible certified partner

5 Ansible Collections

xlab steampunk ansible certified partner

1000s of happy users

Why choose us

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Unique expertise

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Agile and solution oriented

xlab steampunk unique expertise

Dedicated partners

Satisfying complex requirements of distinguished companies:

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“XLAB has been a valuable partner to Red Hat and an active contributor in the Ansible and ManageIQ communities. Its work on ManageIQ providers for software-defined networking, Redfish enabled infrastructure, and cloud platforms have helped to further extend the powerful capabilities of Red Hat CloudForms to manage across hybrid infrastructure.”

Thomas Anderson, vice president, Ansible Product Management, Red Hat

What we believe in?


Close relationship with the Red Hat, its partners and the open source communities gives us strong know-how and makes us a reliable partner.

Open source

Our team actively contributes to the open source projects Ansible and ManageIQ.

Sharing expertise

We regularly share our knowledge at the world’s leading open source events, such as AnsibleFest and in webinars.

And who’s making it all happen?

Meet our Steampunks – committed and
passionate in herding clouds.

About XLAB Steampunk

XLAB Steampunk team specializes in extending Red Hat automation and management products. Our professionals develop and support high-quality Ansible Collections, integrate third-party providers into CloudForms, and help companies on their journey towards optimization with IT automation.

We collaborate closely with Red Hat and partners to engineer and support high-quality integrations, and secure, flexible, and scalable hybrid infrastructure automation and management solutions. Working hand in hand with the world's leading companies to achieve successful automation of their products gives us unique expertise, with which we empower businesses to transform processes into automated workflows by deploying Ansible across their IT infrastructure and guide them throughout their Ansible journey by providing consulting, support, and training.

Our team has the skills to integrate and support partner products, providing unified management solutions that can help partners attract more customers. Rely on our experts to design and engineer the integration, producing reliable, high-quality results, and count on maintenance and long-term support.

XLAB Steampunk is part of XLAB, a global IT solutions company focused on remote desktop technology (ISL Online), management and automation of hybrid infrastructure (XLAB Steampunk), and data analytics, building on breakthroughs of its own research team.

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