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Unified Automation
and Management of Hybrid Infrastructure


Your customers

Offer your products for management of modern software-defined data centers through Red Hat Ansible Automation and Red Hat CloudForms with our third-party integrations. Build upon existing inventories and link them with your own.

Your data center

Extend the powerful capabilities of Red Hat Ansible Automation and Red Hat CloudForms to automate and manage your hybrid infrastructures with our third-party integrations. Build your own services on top of these solutions.

Without XLAB Steampunk integrations, each product needs to be supported separately. With XLAB Steampunk integrations, automation and management truly become unified.

Long-term support

Our team takes care of continuous maintenance and long-term support of all our integrations. We work in close collaboration with Red Hat’s support team.

Quality by design

Our development process ensures high quality and reliable results. We work closely with Red Hat quality engineering to comply with its rigorous quality requirements.


Our experts work closely with solution architects designing the desired integrations, and Red Hat product managers aligning the implementation, quality and support paths.

We value partnership
and open collaboration.

Red Hat Ansible Automation modules

Boost automation across data centers with our Ansible modules from day one.

Module development

Customer use cases are always considered first when we design and develop Ansible modules adhering to the Ansible philosophy.

Long-term partnership

We offer long-term support and maintenance - the foundation of the Red Hat Ansible Automation certification program.

Quality assurance

Our extensions meet Red Hat quality standards. They are bundled with a comprehensive and self-documented test suite.

Our solution, in line with the Ansible philosophy, is:

Our solution, in line with the Ansible philosophy, is:

Reliable. Each module is purposefully crafted to perform a single, well-defined task with extreme robustness.

Usable. Tasks that modules perform are derived from real-world use cases by abstracting the core problem at just the right level to make modules reusable.

Extendable. Combine our modules with other modules and create powerful playbooks that can perform complex tasks.

Simple. Keep your Ansible Playbooks readable and focus on what you want to achieve, leaving the how to achieve this to the modules.

Red Hat CloudForms providers

Take full control over hybrid infrastructure with our integrations of third-party technologies into Red Hat CloudForms.

Provider integration

Our team will design and integrate your provider in accordance to Red Hat’s acceptance criteria.

Long-term partnership

We offer long-term maintenance as well as L2 and L3 support, integrated into Red Hat support services.

Quality assurance

Our providers are aligned with Red Hat development life-cycle. They are thoroughly tested and well-documented.

Our solution, in line with the Red Hat CloudForms strategy, is:

Our solution, in line with the Red Hat CloudForms strategy, is:

Enterprise-grade. Our providers are aligned with Red Hat CloudForms and are developed in compliance with Red Hat’s quality assurance processes.

Transparent. Our providers always strive to behave as first-class citizens in Red Hat CloudForms and are designed to work flawlessly with other providers.

Extendable. Enhance the provider and its inventory using Red Hat CloudForms Automate to fulfill your needs.

Flexible. Use the power of Red Hat CloudForms to streamline the appearance and workflows according to your needs.

Why choose us?


Agile and


We specialize in extending Red Hat automation and management products. Since 2016 we’ve been actively contributing to ManageIQ, the open source project for Red Hat CloudForms. Our team has developed Amazon Elastic Block Storage and Amazon Simple Storage Service providers and is currently maintaining Redfish, Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform and VMware vCloud Director providers. Collaboration with Red Hat, its partners and the open source communities gives us a strong know-how and makes us a reliable partner.

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