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XLAB Steampunk

Smarter Automation with Enterprise Ansible Collections

Simplify your product adoption. Attract new users.

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Achieve transparent
IT automation

Add value to your product with high-quality Ansible integration. With our enterprise Ansible modules and roles, complex tasks can now be automated in a simple way.

All-in-one enterprise Ansible Collections
All-in-one Ansible Collections

End-to-end creation of Ansible Collections, including modules, roles and plugins.

Simple descriptive Ansible playbooks
Powerful playbooks

Perform complex tasks with simple and descriptive Ansible playbooks.

Consistent Ansible module API
Guaranteed usability

Consistent Ansible module API, derived from real-world use cases.

Stable maintained solution with enterprise support
Hassle-free solution

Stable and maintained solution, with enterprise support.

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"XLAB Steampunk was pivotal in helping us develop and deliver a certified Ansible Collection, from consultation and design to implementation, maintenance, and ongoing support. Thanks to XLAB, Sensu is now a Certified Ansible Automation Partner. If you’re looking for a professional and knowledgeable team to help you deliver a high-quality Ansible Collection, look no further.”

Caleb Hailey, CEO & co-founder, Sensu

Get reliable and supported Enterprise Ansible Collections

Content development

Customer use cases are considered first when we design and develop Ansible content adhering to Red Hat best practices.

Long-term partnership

We offer long-term support and maintenance - the foundation of the Red Hat Ansible Automation certification program.

Quality assurance

Our extensions meet the Red Hat quality standards. They are bundled with a comprehensive and self-documented test suite.

Eager to level up your skills?

Whether you’re just getting familiar with high-quality Ansible Collections or aiming to master developing them, our webinars are here to make it easier for you.

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Automate your IT environment with our Collections

Take your IT service management to the next level.
Use the ServiceNow Ansible Collection to:

Automate ticket

and software management using the same playbook language.

Build a self-service catalog

of standard changes and apply them automatically.

Keep configuration management

database in sync with the deployments with no additional effort.

Our experts help you integrate ServiceNow with your existing automation processes and extend the integration in line with your specific needs.

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AWS Scheme

Learn more about the ServiceNow Ansible Collection in this blog post and try it out here.

Automate your AWS cloud with confidence.
Use AWS Ansible Collection to:

Document deployments

in a human-readable way.

Manage Amazon resources,

such as EC2 instances and S3 buckets.


your own secure VPC.

Ensure configuration

compliance of your resources.

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AWS Scheme

Automate your Sensu Go monitoring setup.
Use Sensu Ansible Collection to:


Sensu Go components.


all aspects of your Sensu Go monitoring deployment.

Maintain and scale

your configuration on the fly.

Download the collection

Sensu Scheme

Learn more about the Sensu Go Use case in this blog post or by watching a webinar.

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"For Ansible users, XLAB's Ansible Collection is absolutely the best way to automate and manage a Sensu Go cluster."

Jef Spaleta, principal developer advocate, Sensu

Interested in the
Red Hat Ansible Automation certification program?

XLAB Steampunk is a part of the program and we can help you become a Certified Ansible Automation Partner. Expose your Ansible Collection via Ansible Galaxy and Ansible Automation Hub.

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Our solution, in line with the Red Hat Ansible Automation best practices, is:

Our solution, in line with the Red Hat Ansible Automation best practices, is:

Reliable. Each Ansible module is purposefully crafted to perform a single, well-defined task with extreme robustness.
Usable. Tasks that Ansible modules perform are derived from real-world use cases by abstracting the core problem at just the right level to make modules reusable.
Extendable. Combine our Ansible modules with other modules and create powerful playbooks that can perform complex tasks.
Simple. Keep your Ansible Playbooks readable and focus on what you want to achieve, leaving the how to achieve it to the Ansible modules.

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"XLAB Steampunk has been a valuable partner to Red Hat and an active contributor in the Ansible and ManageIQ communities. Its work to develop and support Ansible Certified Content Collections that align with Red Hat's best practices has helped to further extend the automation capabilities of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.”

Thomas Anderson, vice president, Ansible Product Management, Red Hat

XLAB Steampunk team specializes in the development of Ansible Collections and integrations of third-party technologies with Ansible. The team has a deep knowledge of Ansible and is an endorsed Red Hat partner since 2016. XLAB Steampunk actively contributes to open-source projects Ansible and ManageIQ. They collaborate closely with the Red Hat and partners to engineer and support enterprise-grade Ansible Collections. Examples of integrations XLAB Steampunk has developed and is maintaining include Ansible Collections for AWS and Sensu, and Azure Stack, Redfish, Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform and VMware vCloud Director CloudForms providers. Close relationship with the Red Hat, its partners and the open-source communities gives them a strong know-how and makes them a reliable partner.

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Why choose us?

Committed partners

Committed partners

Agile and solution-oriented

Agile and

Strong expertise

Strong expertise

Meet the team

Committed and passionate in herding clouds. We believe in
partnership and open source.

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XLAB Steampunk team

Do you feel like tinkering?

Visit our blog to learn how to customize battle-tested components and combine them into something new and exciting.

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XLAB is a global IT solutions company focused on remote desktop technology (ISL Online), management and automation of hybrid infrastructure, security and privacy, IoT and data analytics, building on breakthroughs of its own research team. Since 2001, and in a team of 100+, XLAB has become recognized as a highly professional technology innovator, betting on the power of open source, open exchange of ideas, and teamwork.

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